academic achievments

Master of Science - distinction @ University of Applied Science, Austria
Sep 2006 - Jun 2007

Diplom Ingenieur (FH) - distinction @ University of Applied Science, Austria
Sep 1999 - Jun 2003

professional training

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist  SharePoint 2010 @ Wifi Linz, Austria
Feb 2013

Microsoft Certified Professional Web Developer @ Computer Point Nepal
June 2009 

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist ASP.NET @ Computer Point Nepal
Oct 2008

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist SQL Server 2005 @ Computer Point Nepal
Dec 2008

Windows 2003 Server Administration @ Global knowledge, Austria
May 2002

public appearance

speaker at a software developer conference in Vienna 2007

lecturer for software engineering at the University of applied Science in Vienna until 2007


Master thesis “About the use of Personal Avatars as chat bots for mobile applications using artificial intelligence”   
Jun 2007

Diploma thesis  “Secure communication in distributed applications using web services” - won the award for the year’s best diploma thesis
Jun 2003

professional experience

CEO / System engineer and developer, creative&it consulting
Apr 2008 - Present

As a freelancer I am supporting IT and information management projects worldwide. I provide expertise regarding service oriented system architecture, analyzing and improving database and software implementations. I am experienced in software quality assurance and automated unit, web and integration testing. I plan, develop and support the implementation of a wide range of medium sized business applications based on Microsoft technology.

For the last 10 month I have been developing a comprehensive web based nuclear waste data collection and reporting application for the IAEA. From 2008 onwards I have been indirectly supporting the software development of various nuclear waste data related projects as a subcontractor for the IAEA.

software architect @ Computer Systems Support, Austria
Sep 2002 - Apr 2008

I was responsible for the complete software development life cycle of customized web business applications on Microsoft platforms as software architect and team leader for the following industries: telecommunication, car distribution business, medical services and the paper industry. I was assessing, planning and developing high performance web applications in enterprise application integration scenarios and designing architectures for distributed high-availability business solutions and time critical systems. Occasionally I provided graphic services like designing and realizing user interfaces and marketing material for web and print media.

A few years ago, I was commissioned to create a flexible yet highly usable database schema for an innovative catalogue management system for a research project founded by the Austrian government. Together with my colleague I learned to think outside the box of enterprise application patterns and data normalization to successfully tackle the requirements ranging from high performance, high availability, dealing with immense workload, generating data for data mining, data versioning and simplicity. The more challenging a task is, the more I have the chance to solve issues creatively and come up with new solutions to fit the needs perfectly. A year later I was in charge for a client in the paper industry producing stick-on labels for all kinds of industries. After analysing the procurement, production and management processes I presented various options to support the client's workflows electronically. Since the work flows were far too special to be squeezed into a standard ERP software like SAP the client decided to get customized software support for his highly complex production systems embedded in different legacy IT-systems. As the project-manager and team leader I assessed the client's needs, planned and designed a comprehensive software solution from scratch which was wrapped around the newly optimized processes and work flows. I was lead developer for the database back end, and the service oriented character of this embedded widely distributed business application serving web front ends, windows- and mobile clients, hand scanners and other proprietary hardware. I supervised and supported other developers creating and testing the other parts of the application. I managed the project marketing and user acceptance tests as well as the roll-out of the application which has been successfully running in a 24/7 production environment for 4 years now. Working for such a small company I had to take on a lot of responsibility and had the chance to prove my self in every part of a software life cycle from the first meeting to the final "thank you, we couldn't have done it without you"...

lecturer for software engineering (part time) @ University of Applied Science in Austria
Sep 2006 - Jun 2007

As a lecturer I was in charge of the educational program for software engineering, giving lectures and coordinating trainings for students of the 3rd and 4th semester. I taught Object Oriented Software development at an advanced level in C# and JAVA in theory and practice, development patterns at design and enterprise integration levels as well as integral software system architectures.

I created a flourishing environment for my students to understand the challenges of real world software engineering. Throughout my time as a lecturer I always received excellent feedback on my teaching and personal skills.

Web designer and web developer (part time) @ Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Austria
Sep 2000 - Sep 2002

I was responsible for design, implementation and maintenance of a department's intranet platform.

web designer and web administrator (part time) @ Austrian Actors association, Austria
Oct 2001 - Aug 2002

Graphical makeover of the marketing website for the actor's association, realization in ASP and maintenance of the website. By taking over responsibility for the agency's website I managed to increase web traffic and marketing effect of the agency.

T-Infrastructure assistant for operations (part time) @ Kraft Foods Österreich Ges.m.b.H. Austria
Jun 1998 - Apr 2000

Assisting operations department in maintaining IT and network infrastructure.


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