recent visual projects

"personal website" - design and development   prototype design   product website makeover   "Fix und Fertig" - product design   "Ennovent" -  company website development in typo3   "Coyote" - prouct design and website   "Stephen" - personal website design and development   "corporate website" - design and development   "Older than Janis Joplin" - marketing campain   "Sellparts" - product website redesign   "Devcamp" - event website design   "Css Intranet" - intranet design and development   "Css website" - corporate website design and development   "Inside website" - corporate website design and development   "Mobile Webshop" - webshop for handsets, design and development   "Frequentis" - product design   "Hotel Ringl" - website design and development   "One intranet" - design and development   "Architect website" - redesign and development   "intranet" - design and development  

recent development work

Workflow and Result Management UN-Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
The UN Office for Human Rights in Geneva is transforming towards a result based management organization. In cooperation with UN staff I am developing a highly customized web platform to plan, monitor, revise and assess all strategies and activities from headquarters down to single country level activities. The application empowers detailed budget planning and monitoring, describing outcome and impact at a measurable indicator level and provides customizable management reports.
Technologies: ASP.NET C#, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Reporting Services, Telerik Components

Waste Management Tracking system UN-International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
I analyzed an existing MS Access based software tool developed by the IAEA for recording and processing of information on radioactive waste management activities. After prototyping the existing concept on a highly dynamic multilingual ASP.NET platform, I redeveloped the old application including migration services for existing user data. I also conducted trainings as well as internal and user acceptance tests.
Technologies: ASP.NET, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Reporting Services and Integration Services

Research Reactors Information System UN-International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
The Research Reactor Database jointly managed by the Physical and Chemical Sciences (NAPC) and the Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology (NEFW) was enhanced by me to increase overall performance and improve data presentation using dynamically generated maps and graphs. Also the usability has been improved by extending search capabilities for available data in an intuitive way of categorizing data by points of interest.
Technologies: GEO Mapping, ZedGraph, AJAX, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Reporting Services

Web Based Reporting and Decision Support System UN-International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
I planned and developed a reporting tool that consolidates data from various sources for the Joint Convention on Spent Nuclear Fuel and the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Technolgies: AJAX, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005, DotNetCharting, SQL Server Reporting Services

Technical Support United Nations System Influenza Coordination (UNSIC)
I am providing technical backend support and ensure operation of the Pandemic Influenza Coordination (PIC) Portal
Technologies: Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2005, IIS 7, SMPT

H1N1 web platform for collaboration UN-Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA)
For the UN platform for Pandemic Influenza Coordination (PIC) I designed a monitoring and evaluation system to keep track of funding, activities and outcomes associated with health, humanitarian, social and economic impacts of the H1N1 virus to protect the 77 poorest countries in the world and support lesser prepared countries by guidance and sharing information and best practices of previous H1N1 outbreaks.
Technologies: AJAX, ASP.NET web interface, SQL Server 2005

Nuclear data management application UN-International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
I have been developing a web application for data collection and data reporting of sensitive data for the International Atomic Energy Agency. I was responsible for all aspects of the application from the browser front end, database backend, code analysis of other developer’s work, code and performance optimization, and pieces of verification and validation. 
AJAX, ASP.NET web interface, LINQ, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Reporting Services

Ennovent collaboration platform Ennovent
Ennovent is an online platform aiming to accelerate innovations for sustainability in low-income markets. I planned and developed the site with CMS, Blog, Newsletter and social community components.
Technologies: PHP 5.2, Typo3, MySql 5, Apache 2.2

Online sales platforms (CONNECT Austria)
I developed two different distributed online shopping systems for an Austrian telecom company. The systems are integrated in a heterogeneous environment interacting with SAP. They automated all order workflows from procurement to shipping.
AJAX, ASP.NET web interface, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, SQL Server 2005 and XML

Research project: artificial intelligence
I developed an experimental research prototype of a personal avatar program using self improving artificial intelligence and personality simulation for interaction with human users. I designed and developed the complete distributed multi tier full scale application for scientific study of the behavior of artificial intelligent systems.
Windows desktop clients, asynchronous ASP.NET web clients, Mobile clients, Windows Communication Foundation, Web Services, SQL Server 2005, XML

Customized ERP system Ulrich Etiketten
I was responsible for design, implementation and rollout of a customized Enterprise Resource Planning Software combined with a warehouse management system for a leading company in the Austrian paper industry. I developed the database and the backend and supervised other related implementations and tests. I helped to optimize the existing workflows and created a system to improve and support the client’s daily business. The system serves 30+ concurrent users with real-time info and automates most of the procurement and resource planning operations and is integrated in a legacy database environment.
: Windows desktop clients, Infragistics UI Components, .NET Remoting, SQL Server 2005

Procurement platform
I assisted in designing, implementing and tuning the database with XML support for a large comprehensive procurement platform for high availability and scalability.
Technologies: SQL Server 2000 and XML

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